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FMC700 Overview

The description of the FMC700 is, "The FMC700 is an adapter that connects to the KC705 LPC and HPC FMC sites in order to offer a HPC FMC site as close as possible to ANSI/VITA 57.1."

What specific discrepancies between the KC705 HPC FMC site and ANSI/VITA 57.1 does the FMC700 fix?

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Thanks, that answers my question and helps.  I have a follow-up question for the FMC125/FMC700 [url=,3586.0.html]here[/url], though.
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On the KC705, Xilinx decided to not route HPC connector's bank HB. Therefore it is not compliant to Vita. As per the Vita specification, a full blown HPC FMC connector requires all the bank to be routed to the CPU/FPGA (HA, LA and HB).

FMC700 does provide a fully HA, HB and LA using both LPC and HPC connectors on the KC705.

FMC-HPC has many pin and you need an FPGA with a lot of IOs to have everything connected and typically the FPGA on the KC705 is an FPGA without much IO/s.

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