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analog filters on FMC150 board

Perhaps I am being thick, but I do not see the characteristics of the analog input filter for the ADC. Are you using something similar to the 5th order 82MHz Chebyshev LPF mentioned for the DAC? What about the low-frequency attenuation from the transformers? Is this documented anywhere?

There is no low pass filter on the A/D path. Please refer to the attached schematics.
For the main analog characteristics of the FMC150 you may also refer to paragraph 4.3 of the user manual:
Thank you for your prompt and helpful response.

Do you have additional information regarding the low-frequency rolloff imposed by the transformers?

Please refer to transformer datasheet[u]:[/u] 
We have two generations of FMC150 rev1.2 and rev2.1. Is it possible to get schematics for both and functionality differences between them? Thanks.

Dear Manish,

Sorry for the late answer, I failed receiving the notification.

Please find both schematics attached, they are public domain.

Best Regards,
The 2.1 schematic is not yet available.

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