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Controlling DAC3283 of FMC150 using Virtex6 ML605

Hello all,

I want to use onboard DAC3283 of FMC150, for generating Sinosoidal waves through FPGA Virtex6 ML605.

I have gone through FMC150 manual, but I am not getting how to configure Clock tree of FMC150 and also which all control signals I have to use for my data to be converted to Analog signals.

Any help in this regards would be helpful.

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Dear Sir,

Have you been able to use the Avnet reference design? This is a one source file project completely configuring clocktree, A/D and D/A portion. This reference design is supported by Avnet directly.

Otherwise 4DSP have a different reference design which is controlled by Ethernet interface. The software application configures the whole chip-set during runtime, upload data to the D/A and finally sample from A/D. Having loopback cables between A/D and D/A allow you to sample what you play with the D/A. This reference design is not free of charge and include StellarIP.

I believe you are located in Japan, if so please contact to obtain pricing of this reference design.

Best Regards,
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