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Need help with ADC


I've been working with the FMC150 and have managed to get everything operational except the the ADC chip. No matter what I've done, the chip remains silent.

I believe the cause is that the input pins have been shorted to the grounds at the grounds.

Any steps that need to be taken to resolve this?



Have you tried using the reference design delivered along with the FMC? What is your target hardware?

Thank you
I am connecting to the ML605, and using a reference design provided by avnet.
If the board does not operate properly with the reference design then you should request an RMA through Avnet.

The board was purchased through 4DSP, the avnet reference design was just made available.
In that case, have you tried running the 4DSP reference design as well?
Currently I have not done the 4DSP reference design due to inability to follow any documentation on it.

Avnet's design was followed because of the clear order in operation.

Where can I find the 4DSP reference design?
I have already installed the package that was sent to me in an email.

I guess my question should have been: what is the top level file so that I can open it with xilinx?
Please refer to [url=][/url]

The 4DSP reference design was run and clear input was seen through the ADC. Still trying to debug my code now.
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