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Change IOSTANDARD of FMC110 on FMC2 of VC707



I am trying to modify the output of Stellar IP design 243_vc707_fmc110 which comes with the BSP, to use only ADC0 of FMC110. However when I try to synthetize the generate project, ISE is throwing errors in MAP process.

I fixed it by the IOSTANDARD from LVDS_25 to LVDS in both VHDL and UCF files, however I am not sure if changing it will result in malfunction or even damage one of the boards.

Does anybody know if I can do it?

I checked the datasheets of the Virtex 7 FPGA and ADS5400, and it seems to be compatible, but I am not sure.

Thank you in advance.

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I solved the problem. I read the V7 FPGA datasheet and realized that the LVDS_25 and LVDS have the same voltage level.
Then, I tested the bitstream and it worked.


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