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Generating Vivado project for PC820 + FMC120 reference design

Dear 4DSP,

I have tried to generate a Vivado project for 656_pc820_fmc120_axi_ku085 StellarIP design. I have initially used ISE 14.7 and Vivado 2013.2 but xcku085 was not in the part library of Vivado and ISE14.7 was requiring .ucf files, so I have migrated to Vivado 2015.3.

It seemed to be relatively ok (xcku085 was recognized as a part in its library) but now I'm getting some warnings regarding locked files.

I have uploaded the vivado.log file I have found in ...\output\656_pc820_fmc120_axi_ku085 folder.

I'm using:

- Windows 7 SP1, 64bits

- Vivado 2015.3

- StellarIP

Can you help me please with some guidance here?



(51.2 KB)
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Hi Adrian, 

I am another fellow user (PC821 and fmc120). The Kintex Ultrascale was never supported by ISE, so that shouldn't have ever been used.  Using that version of the BSP, I believe you are going to want Vivado 2016.4 because of changes to IP versions and so forth. Now your error, it is looking for the simulation command file that is user generated. the path were it looks is "simulate/xsim/" but I have noticed that it can be in "simulate/isim/" so renaming the directory to xsim made things work for me. 


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